pete vs. boxfresh

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pete vs. boxfresh

Post by osakamatt » Thu Feb 28, 2008 1:30 am

looking good and due in august


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Post by throwingthings » Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:53 pm

august? i want them now!

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so freakin awesome!!!

Post by mrmonkey » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:30 pm

oh man, these are amazing! cannot wait! :rock:

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Post by transistor » Fri Feb 29, 2008 1:48 am

These designs are great! Very well done Pete :partyman:
I definitely want to pick up a few of the designs.
That rug really tied the room together.

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DJ Quinico
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Post by DJ Quinico » Fri Feb 29, 2008 1:51 am

this ones my favorite!
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Post by stereo » Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:02 am

I wonder if that's the whole range or if I'm gonna go broke - that stuff is GREAT.

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Ziggy Smallz
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Post by Ziggy Smallz » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:52 am

i heart that bat skull sweater so hard!
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pete fowler
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rag trade

Post by pete fowler » Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:46 am

hi y'all
glad you are liking the boxfresh range, there's quite a few pieces in there, tees, tech jacket, zip hooded sweatshirt, zip cardigan and keyring. I'm working on the second collection (probably for 2009!) at the moment which is quite different from the first.
Cant wait to get my hands on the range as I've only had samples passed in front of my nose. All the pieces are looking good and interested to see how they go down.


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Post by Karenzweb » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:22 pm

Just heard about this last night, and I want the cardigan!

~ Karen

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Post by robertosh619 » Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:42 pm

REAL NICE. I know word is the gear is due out in August, but I hope we might see them at San Diego Comic Con (late july). Make it happen Pete!