Unlawful Assembly Mighty Jaxx What happened?

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Unlawful Assembly Mighty Jaxx What happened?

Post by Pa2rok » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:25 am

Hi everyone,

Been away for awhile, so Im sorry if this has been talked about already. Is anyone else part of the Unlawful Assembly offered by Mighty Jaxx from the Daisy edition SKull Bomb?

If so, is it just me, or have we not really received what was promised besides maybe tops of a dozen VIP section offers? But I never saw any special discounts, no giveaway or freebies like mentioned and so on?

I was excited that this could be the beginning of a cool program with alot to offer, but from my POV, seems like they fell way short and I feel like I've been deceived.

Now let me state, I love the pieces they put out.

However, on a side note, over this past year since the April sale of the Daisy Skull Bomb, it seems like prices have gone up on some work that shouldn't be so much. Also, whats with all the 24hr limited addition instead of an actual number? Or why are certain pieces labeled as limited run, but with no time frame or number. I've asked actually all these questions over the year to the company and never received answers. I feel kind of let down, because I don't buy many pieces and have to spread out my funds over the artists I like. Yet I've supported the site a lot, only to be ignored, most recently over a 2 month period, which I sent 3-4 inquiries about some of the above topics.

Anyways, just wanted to know everyone elses experience and view on this topic. Like I said, if it was discussed already, just point me in that direction and I'll read that.

Cheers all and here's to hopefully a good year in 2018 and some great releases.

PS- Just got my SB: DE yesterday and it's beautiful. Was worth the wait of course, but just didn't enjoy the process or what came after the sale.

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