What is sofubi?

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What is sofubi?

Post by quijanoth » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:26 pm

I extend this question to the experts: what, precisely is sofubi, and how does it differ from, say, Super 7 vinyl, Kaiju's, etc.? Haven't been able to pin down a real definition, and, although I'm quite enamored of the Chima Group and Uamou stuff (Tengallon, in particular, is rad), I don't know that I see the difference between sofubi vinyl toys and just straight up Western Vinyl. Anyone have any insight? Is it just the fact it is made in Japan?

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Re: What is sofubi?

Post by eckotyper » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:37 pm

Sofubi is the soft vinyl... Used by companies like secret base, super7,gargamel etc... It differs from the vinyls kidrobot, munky king etc...

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Re: What is sofubi?

Post by Yardarm51 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:31 pm

It refers specifically to the material the toys are made of rather than the design. Sofubi or soft vinyl is a lighter and somewhat more pliable material than the vinyls used by most Chinese and western factories. I'm told it is generally more expensive but you can get better detail in it. Some folks unfamiliar with it think that the toys feel somewhat cheap when they pick them up because they are lighter than they thought it should be.
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Re: What is sofubi?

Post by Daimyo » Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:01 am

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Sofubi is what the guys above said but as far as toys go, it is generally taken to mean non kaiju soft Japanese vinyl. So anything that isn't a licensed monster or robot generally falls under this term. Some people would call Super7 sofubi, some neo kaiju and some just call it Japanese vinyl. Any deeper than that and you are opening a can of worms.

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Re: What is sofubi?

Post by mcgowanm95 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:19 pm

That's like me asking what kind of toys are Kawaii, because even though a lot of people think Hello Kitty is Kawaii, I think Boryoku Gengin, is.

I say it's all sofubi, because all Sofubi translates to is soft vinyl. That said, it's a Japanese word, so it's used to describe Japanese toys. If it was made in China, it would be called something else, because they have a different language. That said, a Japanese person might use that word to describe, a toy they saw outside of Japan, if it's made of Soft Vinyl. It's just that simple.

The same can be said for Kaiju, it's just the word for monsters, but we've turned into a category for Toys, that's why if you watch the video of Matt Walker explaining Monster Kolor, at his event in Japan, the guy reporting, might have been talking to Mark Nagata, or Sunguts, either way they said Americans call all those types of toys Kaiju. Personally I think it makes us sound uneducated to use the word Kaiju as a definition of toy type. So I refer to the monster stuff as kaiju sofubi. They're words of another language not brand names.

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