Rules for the Ask Kidrobot Forum

Pose questions directly to the Kidrobot Guru, and make requests for things we don't have yet but you wish we did.

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Rules for the Ask Kidrobot Forum

Post by kidrobot » Thu Apr 10, 2003 12:49 pm

This forum is a place to ask questions of the Kidrobot... either about stuff on our site, when we're getting stuff NOT on our site, or just general questions about things you think we might know about.

This forum is moderated by the Kidrobot Robot himself. He is bad and mean, drives a GTO and has a nasty mohawk so please follow these rules when using these discussion boards.

1) NO BUYING OR SELLING OF ANYTHING. This is a discussion board, so please not trading, hyping, or selling. No store talk or shop talk either, please.

2) IF YOU FLAME YOU WILL BE BANNED. This forum is moderated by the Kidrobot Robot himself so please keep it clean. You don't want an angry robot after you.

3) PLEASE DON'T SWEAR. No bad words... You know what they are. No fake bad words either. No almost bad words. No derogitory or racist comments!

4) NO UNRELATED TOPICS. These boards are for toy discussion only.

5) TELL THE TRUTH. Intentionally posting misleading information, or posting under multiple or assumed names is not allowed.