An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by Tora » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:44 pm

JORDAN23 wrote:
paul wrote:
JORDAN23 wrote:Unfortunately hype is what it is all about at Comic Con. That's why the movie companies come and also the mainstream manufacturers. They don't show up just to sell regular releases. They already have stores and online sites for that. They come to SDCC to generate buzz, excitement, and hype. Why do you think Mattel or Hasbro does basically the same thing?

Bringing 1,000 pieces of each release deflates the hype and will most likely result in leftover inventory that would be costly to ship back. They want sell outs not risk.
They easily could have done 700 of every piece with an instant sellout on all of them. As for hype, KR's little mob scenes didn't create hype. They didn't last long enough for anyone else to get into the hall and notice. If KR wants to create hype at SDCC, get a line of hundreds of people wrapping around the aisles, like Hasbro and Mattel do all day long.
Unless you're the one paying the bill to have 700 of each produced and shipped to the Con, you probably don't know the risks involved or the actual sales projections. It's easy in hindsight to just say they would sell out instantly but there is no guarantee. A couple of years ago a lot of the companies upped the edition sizes on their Con exclusives and then got stuck with them when they didn't sell out. It was embarrassing to call them Con exclusives, be left with a load of them, and then to have to break that exclusivity and sell them outside. Retailers were left peddling SDCC exclusives for years. The bottom line is that you want to create hype, you want a sell out, and you want to carry that idea of scarcity through to the next year.

How they handle the lines is a different story but I do know that they try to improve it every year. But you know what? People are crafty and some tend to try to "beat the system" and it just ends up spoiling it for others.

So hype is always the goal but hype does indeed bring out the worst in some. This goes hand in hand and whether it is a wanna-be vampire punching out a wanna-be werewolf for that coveted seat in the Twilight circus, it is something we just have to live with at SDCC.
Yeah I remember that. Hasbro was stuck with a boat load of "exclusives" and couldn't get rid of them fast enough so they had to sell to toy shops who are still trying to get rid of toys from that debacle. It was great for people who didn't go but it sucked for Hasbro who wanted to get rid of their toys.

Even if it's a big name artist like Huck gee, it doesn't guarantee that it will all sell out. The artist, design and exclusivity of the toy are all factors in how well it will be received. I don't blame kidrobot for only producing 300 of the Huck gee gunslinger figure because quite honestly after the initial hype and mad dash I am sure that the figure wouldn't have sold as well as it did.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by Baha619 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:54 pm

What I noticed this year was the line that went upstairs to enter the exhibit hall was let into the convention significantly earlier than those that waited for outside doors to be opened. Because of this I lined up most days around 5am. I was able to get all KR exclusives without a problem with the exception of the Homer and the Bell dunny. Homer I got luckily via the raffle on saturday and was able to trade for the Bell. From what I heard many Labbits and Bells remained after the 2hr signings for which they became open for sale on a first come first serve basis. The Huck Gee Skullslinger definitely had a larger crowd and was more stressful on the KR staff. This had to be expected because 1. Saturday is the busiest day and 2. Thursday and Friday are weekdays for which many had work or was in lines for the loadex panel lineups on friday.

My advice for anyone that wants to seek exclusives, if you want it bad enough get there early.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by MillionsO_o » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:47 am

A lot of the people who had wristbands didn't end up coming back to claim the exclusives either because they were stuck in a panel, changed their mind, or was just around when wristbands were given out, grabbed one, and had no idea what they were for.

I wish all those people would have had the good sense to return the wristbands to KR if they knew they didn't want one so that someone else who wants a figure can get one.

That's what happened to me for the Mahakala dunny. I was hanging around the KR booth hoping some would be leftover so I could buy an extra, and the KR staff saw me and gave me a wristband that someone returned because they didn't want one. The Prosperity Mahakala was my holy grail for this year's con, so you can imagine how elated I was.

On Saturday my friend had gotten a wristband for the Huck Gee, but he gave it to me instead. I thought about it, but decided I didn't want one either. So what happened was we saw 2bitHACK walk by, whom we knew from the dunny release parties at Gunnzo, our local vinyl toy store here in San Diego, and I gave the wristband to him instead so he could get a Huck. Just passing on the love I had gotten the day before. Oh, and he ended up giving each of us a mini SUCKaws as compensation, which was much appreciated.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by Mordee » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:59 am

I was able to get my homer and all the other signings with some ease. Lining up on the top floor really helps. My only problem was the homer sales. Apparently during preview night they were letting the early people buy 2 homers instead of the 1 per wristband. I found this out because my homer wristband was for the 845 time slot. When I arrived they said they had sold out, but I will get mine the next day, which they forgot to ship so I was not able to get one until friday.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by tehlilone » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:33 pm

The only thing I wish for them to change is to bring back Toy Baroness's wristband scavanger hunt the day before the release :lol: That was a lot of fun following her tweets and bringing her things so we could get a wristband for the wood labbit the day before its release. I never take pics with cosplayers TBH but I took one with a Storm Trooper that year just for my labbit!

I do agree that they should stick with what they say... if it's one per person then it should stay one per person. I've usually come away from KR with whatever I wanted though. This was the first year I think they did a raffle. I've only missed out on an exclusive I really wanted from them once... and that was because they started passing it out even before the hall opened because they didn't notice that it was just vendors hovering around the booth and the hall was still closed. They apologized and I ended up getting it for an awesome price at Designer*Con but still sucked :(

Anyways, if you get into line early enough (they opened the convention center doors around 7-8ish this year) and let people downstairs around 9ish... then you should be able to get what you want if you go there first. Just walk REALLY fast (don't run and risk angering security so they stop you). I don't see their releases this year being any different from those for the past few years. I did like that we didn't have to line up for wristbands this year :) it sucks hurrying to the booth, finding someone to ask, then hurrying to the back wall.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by eckotyper » Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:28 pm

To be honest, preview night a doorman let us within the hall before hand and he shouldn't of... We weren't on the floor, but we're outside te floe doors of g which is a straight shot to KR... Got my wristband for the homer came back at the time and scored...

The Dunny... I did wake up late and strolled in, KR told folks come back at 3 first come first serve... I waited by the Dunny... Other folks decided to lineup next to the booth, KR never started a line for this, people did it on their own, so when it was 3 and opened the line I walked right in and paid. A few were mad, but I heard them say countless times to come back at 3 first come first serve... They did not say to line up... Also in case of grief, Dunny wasn't even for me, but a board member. Let's just say I gave one to the team, and kept 1 away from flippers!

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by stonecutterjeff » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:09 am

After having a week to think about it, the only thing I would change is if they actually had us line up for the wristbands. People would just see crowds and grab what they can. I am sure each day they were people just getting a wristband because they saw everybody grabbing for one. Think if they could set up a line and everybody knew what it would be for, it be better

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by hikanteki » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:48 pm

paul wrote:Dear Kidrobot,

1) Produce more pieces.
2) Give full reveals ahead of time.
3) Don't release one toy over multiple days.
4) Limit sales to exhibitors.
5) When all else fails, hold a raffle.

2-5 (especially 3-4) are good suggestions, in my opinion. Releasing a small amount of Homer Buddhas each day was extremely obnoxious, though luckily I was able to get one via the raffle on Saturday.

I don't think producing more pieces is a the best idea, because exclusives have to stay exclusives.
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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by Two Star » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:57 pm


This is a fabulous letter.

While I can't say I was there, or have been to SDCC, this Aussie has just lived vicariously through your letter, and I can't say I'm too surprised to discover what you've listed - it's pretty much all that came to mind, but a bit worse haha.

I still want to go next year though, but I would definitely hope some of the suggestions listed will be taken aboard; it sounds like the Huck Gee release was dare I say it: feral. :x
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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by toyzinmyattik » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:34 am

ive been collecting for a looong time, going to NYCC on & off for about 10 years now, & sadly, this is not news. The world is kinda based on effort VS profit now, & it clearly shows in many different situations (tv, clothes, music art "Reality TV"etc) but the con is a great example of the ridiculousness that can occur. Its now ALL about the Hype. As far as i can remember nothing has changed over the years really except the size, money wasted on advertising, & the amount of people that go, and the profit that is made of course. I clearly remember waiting hours YEARS AGO to get the same exact results, a long day where you waste too much time & money to get stressed out trynna pick something up that in reality - you dont fking need 2live in the long run... Even when its a fair playing game, (aka bigger release for less than a kidney where nobody pushes & shoves to get that uber rare dust magnet signed, usually just to sell for a profit), a thousand piece figure can easily sell out just as fast as now. I personally know a few artist that wont even do the con anymore, cause of the drama & cost to even show there now. Plus theres 10X the amount of people that "know" about the con due to nothing but profit based advertising everywhere you look weeks b4 the show now. I mean, Seriously, why was there a hallmark booth there this year ? Money... In the long run this will not change, unless some fkup decides to ruin it for everyone (movie theater*) its only gonna get worse, but clearly thats part of the game. ~ it sux, & always will
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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by HOVA » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:56 am

Curious...How is the San Diego PD?
I assume they are there in numbers, but do they seem to really hate that event??

I mean I've gone to concerts like Dave Matthews where the cops straight up tell me "I hate when he comes to town for the weekend..." and that's just 40,000ish people...

I can't imagine the SDPD enjoys it at all lol
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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by Mongo Lloyd » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:57 am

Scored a pair of the NYCC VIP ticket upgrades before they sold out this morning. This is my first con but I am hoping the whole line skipping in the morning will pay off. All in all even their VIP tickets were priced awesome compared to standard SDCC tickets.

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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by analog101 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:10 pm

VIP isn't sold out.
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Re: An open letter to Kidrobot Re: SDCC 2013

Post by jmonusko » Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:05 pm

toyzinmyattik: Hallmark has been at SDCC for several years now - why are you singling them out? They have con-type exclusives and are usually a popular booth. I think it's smart outreach for a non-traditional company that still creates products for the SDCC crowd, like the Star Wars ornaments. And in 2010 I met the guys that created Hoops & Yoyo at that booth, which was pretty cool for me!

I think the original letter was great, and I think it would be great if there was some kind of interaction/feedback/whatever from KR to address the concerns that were brought up. There are probably legit reasons why things were done that we didn't like or disagreed with, but we never know and thus continue to be frustrated. I don't even expect a point by point explanation or a rebuttal - just having someone from KR say 'we hear you, we appreciate the feedback, if we can do it better we will.'
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