Lost Wallet @ Con. Pls contact if found!

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Lost Wallet @ Con. Pls contact if found!

Post by tehlilone » Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:51 pm

I'll probably be annoying a few people who might've heard/seen us around con asking about it but...

During the David Horvath Mini Uglycorn signing at Toy Tokyo today (Thursday) around 10:40 am my silly boyfriend thinks he left his wallet near the cash register. Within 5-10 minutes of leaving/realizing it disappeared from the booth.

We know it was lost here because he paid for the item, had put his wallet on the table, and then proceeded to get it signed by David at the front/side of the booth. Then went back to the register area to look for it.

If you happened to pick it up or know who did... right now we do not care about the cash that was in the wallet. You could keep the cash for all we care, we just want the wallet back with his ID (We can't go to anything 21+ after SDCC now I think), cards, etc. The credit cards have been canceled so they're of no use. It was a birthday present I gave to him when we started going out in high school also, so while it's beat up and over 5 years old it does have sentimental value.

It can just be returned to the Lost and Found and that's all we ask. It's a plain black bulky Nautica wallet that's kind of beat up. Thank you for reading :)

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