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Post by elevatedflow » Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:42 pm

This is my first SDCC and I have a few pieces that i cant wait to get at. I dont have that many, which means i could possibly mule and help the cost of my trip. The problem is the release times, when, where ... all that info seems impossible to find. I want to try to create some kinda game plan. I have maps of the convention center, so its not the WHERE, its trying to figure out WHEN i should be at a booth.
I will be there with my girlfriend by my side and so the idea to pick up two of anything is feasible, so now all i need to know is how...

So for those folks who have lists of what they will be muling for others, how do you even know you will be able to wait those lines and not possibly missing out on something else? There are some pieces that have 50 available, how do you even come close to getting in on that?!!??!! Any and all words of advice are appreciated, if you want something mule and are willing to provide some words of guidance and insight, PM me...

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