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••••Trading, Selling, Buying Feedback••••

Post by Ghost » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:10 pm

Traded With: babykid, YourSoRad, surfjord, blindboxx2334, yellowfrog808, RichYorick, Nothing371, dubwars, iliksprite, mooshysushi (x2), kidr0b0tkid, thetvirus, Almightymalikai, takingbacktyler, Shibori, therealchinaman, frankthefish, DeSEBticoN

Sold To: noname27, Eiji, HeyJB, Chronotrigger, belfinatorzz111, waSd, dubwars, SonnyN, doomsDAY, Manzel, DanForbes (x2), Gatekeeperlp, xdrmadnessx, Alabaster_Deathpony, excorphy, Exforge, Lgoh, doarone, reganomics813, Vizun1, drummerboy2, UNCLE, Treblemdk, funnymunny (x2), paterpan, firstnamenathan, sk3llyz, FlamingPickle, griffndunn, tron, xfalcon, rimamir, reganomics813, frankthefish, Merlin, JonathanYacoub, jaysapathy, Blessed88, diabloszook

Bought From: rice_money (x2), ianthegamer, waisicmao, jaimeribg, mattFoley, Ryn, JMDawg333, GPerg, Greggygreg, Freakinkram88, (nice dream), geescube, concretehustle, nvs03lex, wastemoremoney, SecurityGeek, paulb5950, BurymewithmyToys, adik.na.chinoy, therealchinaman, zbakes, wouldhurtafly (pending), sleepydz, griffndunn
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Re: ••••Trading, Selling, Buying Feedback••••

Post by jaysapathy » Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:22 am

I would like to add that Ghost is the man. I highly recommend you deal with him.

He also looks really good in a pair of yoga pants.
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