Collectors can sell items related to the art, toy, and apparel community. Note: professional sellers and stores are strictly forbidden from posting here. PLEASE READ THE RULES!

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The Items for Sale forum is a place where Collectors can sell items related to the art, toy, and apparel community. Note: professional sellers and stores are strictly forbidden from posting here. PLEASE READ THE RULES! There are very strict rules for this section, please adhere to them or you will be banned! If too many people break the rules, this forum will be removed.

1. MINIMUM POST REQUIREMENT - A minimum of 10 posts is required before posting a new thread in the Items For Sale/Looking To Buy sections. If you're found posting quickly just to get your post count up in order to make new threads in these sections, your threads will be deleted. Basically, you’re not allowed to transact/trade until you’ve got 10 posts.

2. NO PROFESSIONALS ALLOWED, INDIVIDUAL SELLERS ONLY. No buying or selling of toys by professional toy sellers or toy shops. If you regularly sell on eBay and it is a significant source of income for you, this means YOU. If we catch you, you will be publicly made fun of, warned, and then banned from the site. We're serious about this. It will be bad for your reputation so please don't do it.

If you aren't sure, please email the or contact one of the Mods and we'll tell you if it's OK to post here.

3. SINGLE ITEMS OR SETS OF ITEMS ONLY. No large lots of items may be sold here. For example, you can't sell 100 pieces of the same item. If you do, we're going to consider you a professional and you will be shamed and laid out to dry. (It is OK to sell large collections of many DIFFERENT items).

4. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Kidrobot does not take responsibility or screen the people or products that are sold here. We can't help you if your trade/sale/purchase doesn't work out! Sorry!

5. NO POSTING OF EBAY AUCTIONS. It doesn't matter if it is yours or someone elses. Posting on our board is the only means of buying and selling allowed. All links to ebay auctions will be deleted. You may not post anything to be sold on our discussion board if it is for sale on eBay.

6. THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR THREAD MUST BE THE NAME OF THE ITEM YOU ARE SELLING. Please make it simple for people to read what you have for sale. This will also enable people to use the search function and search for items by subject.

6a. If you are selling sets of items please enter the Main Description of the items in the SUBJECT and the Item Specific description in the SUBJECT EXPLAIN field.

7. IF YOU FLAME YOU WILL BE BANNED. This forum is being moderated by several KR Moderators so please keep it clean. You don't want them to unleash their wrath on you.

8. PLEASE DON'T SWEAR. No bad words... You know what they are. No fake bad words either. No almost bad words. No bad words in other languages. No derogitory or racist comments!

9. TELL THE TRUTH. Intentionally posting misleading information, or posting under multiple or assumed names is not allowed.

10. No selling of artist tributes, copies, reproductions, etc. without express permission of the artist in question.

11. You must actually have the item before you sell or trade it. No pre-sales allowed, except for custom-made items you're making yourself.

12. All sales without fixed prices must list a reasonable starting price for offers. "Taking offers" sales without starting prices are not allowed. If you are only looking to trade, you don't need to list a price.

13. Consolidate your sales. Don't post each sale in a separate thread.

14. Contests and giveaways are allowed. Make sure your subject or explanation line identifies what you're doing, and what you're giving away. Trades are also allowed, but don't duplicate-post your trade in the Buying forum.

15. Raffles (or anything similar that requires payment but does not guarantee a sale) are forbidden.

16. All sales must be from personal collections or be small-run hand-mades. If you are a retailer, selling items that are available through your store is forbidden. Do not abuse this. Anyone can post in a thread, professional or not, as long as the post doesn't direct people to their store.

17. As the forum description states, this forum is for selling items related to the art, toy, and apparel community. This does not include game consoles, video games, music, or DVDs, unless they are directly related (a hand-painted console or a toy-related DVD, for example).

18. If you have multiples of an item, and want to sell some here and some on eBay, send a moderator the number for your eBay auction. Suspicious circumstances, like the auction ending early without a sale, will get a warning or a reprimand.

19. If you want to post a sale that violates the letter but not the spirit of the rules, contact a moderator first. For example, if you want to sell your army of some figure, or sell a custom blind-box series, just ask before you do.

20. If your posting violates the rules, and you don't fix it when we ask you to, we will delete the thread. Repeated violations will earn reprimands.

***PLEASE NOTE: Auto-pruning is enabled in this forum. All threads will automatically be deleted after 30 days. If you were not able to sell your item you may post the sale again.


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