ThreeA, Kaws JPP, Supreme x Kermit Kubrick, Supreme deck

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ThreeA, Kaws JPP, Supreme x Kermit Kubrick, Supreme deck

Post by tamara988 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:04 pm

Hi everyone!

Have some pieces for sale. All in excellent condition, all toys never displayed.
Prices in USD and do not include shipping. Shipping from Australia, so as a rough guide starts from $40
Payment via Paypal, add 3.9% for fees.
For photos PM me.
Local pick up from Melbourne, Australia available.

Kaws JPP produced by Medicom Toys - Yellow colourway $600
Kaws JPP produced by Medicom Toys - Black colourway $600

Supreme x Kermit Kubrick 100% produced by Medicom Toys $400
This is an AUTHENTIC and sealed featuring Kermit wearing the box logo tee. Ebay is filled with many fake reproductions.

Supreme Leopard print Cruiser deck in traditional yellow and orange from FW 2009 collection $900
Features box logo. AUTHENTIC. Excellent condition. Last one sold on ebay for $1200 and was warped with a small crack.

ThreeA/Bambaland/Ashley Wood:
WWRp 1/12 DIY De Plume $50
WWRp 1/12 Noir De Plume $50
WWR 1/6 Doc Grunt + Betsy Trauma Nurse Mk2 Square $150
WWR 1/6 Barguest De Plume $150
WWR 1/6 Fantome Dr Plume $150
WWRp 1/12 F'd up Jungle Battle 2 pack, Excito Set (Jung De Plume, Jungler Dropcloth with gatling gun) $120
WWRp 1/12 3AA Exclusive Large Martin 3pack (Night Watch NW/Day Watch DW/DIY) $180
WWRp 1/12 3AA Exclusive Triste Fight Death Swingers 3 pack, Stiffy Set (Gebi De Plume, Kuan Ti Plume, Commando Dropcloth) $180
3AA 1/6 exclusive Adventure Kartel Exegesis JC (with severed zomb head) $110

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