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MISC - Dunny / Mascot / Sket / MadL Custom / Huck / Labbit

Post by unlucky_charm13 » Sat May 19, 2018 12:52 pm

Will trade for:
Queen Andrea 6" FatCap chase
20" dunny for custom - quality doesn't matter, cheap is good
KidPunk 77

Everything is OBO and comes with original packaging, accessories, etc. All opened, never displayed. Pet/child/smoke free home. Feel free to ask for more pics, but everything should be near mint, condition issues are likely just box dings, except for custom MadL (paint issues) and labbit (faded/yellow).

Prices do not include shipping. Will ship USPS and calculate shipping upon knowing location.

10" Labbit - very first production edition of first release - $75
10" MadL - Zefr Designs custom - $200

#19 Kid Riot - $60
#20 Kid Olaf (Regular) - $50

Kozik Bad Messy Cook - $7.50
Visell Bumble bee - $10
Mori Chack pink - $15
Mori Chack bloody grey - SOLD
Hydro74 pair $30
Fout $40

10x Azteca 2 dunnys - $95

Andrew Bell - grey deeper issues chase - $70

Luke Chueh
Hung - Grey $35
Rainbow set of 5 - SOLD

SKET ONE THROWIE SKATE DECK (still sealed) - $75

One of a kind custom toy by DaveMarkArt (Dave Webb). It was created / sculpted by Dave in 2015. It is the absolute first piece he did completely from Apoxie Sculpt. It is mounted on a custom paintes wood base, which is signed by Dave. The piece stands about 7" tall and the base is 4" wide. SOLD

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-Tracy Tubera Walt 'Heisenberg' print
-Queen Andrea 6" Fatcap Chase
-Gold Life - Red Geisha Madame Dunny
-64 Colors - Vintage Marshall, Prints, stuff...

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