Kathie Olivas unboxed items SYDNEY, Australia

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Kathie Olivas unboxed items SYDNEY, Australia

Post by tamara988 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:51 pm

Hi there,

Trying my luck for a local SYDNEY, Australia purchaser who will want and pick up these Kathie Olivas items

For sale:

- set of 10x Benny and the Redbird AU$400 - includes all released as well as a white DIY which has been custom sketched on by Kathie Olivas (has slight fading of the marker over time)
- set of 7x Hazel AU$300 - includes all released

Items on top row above the cabinets


Items have NO box, come as is and are in good condition. They have been displayed in a smoke free home.


Do you have any James Jarvis or Kathie Olivas goodies I want?

Check out my flickr account for collection photos!

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