FOR SALE: ¨Applicious¨ (2012) Custom Dunny by Shawn Wigs SOLD

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FOR SALE: ¨Applicious¨ (2012) Custom Dunny by Shawn Wigs SOLD

Post by GJNL » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:45 am

Due to a shift of interest and priorities I´ve decided to pass this unique creation on to a fellow collector.

¨Applicious¨ (2012)
by: Shawn Wigs (Wigalicious)

This one of a kind custom Dunny was created by the artist for the ¨I´m a Bad Apple¨ online art toy show hosted by BadApplezInc held in 2012. It was purchased directly from the show and has been part of my private collection ever since. It comes with the original note written by the artist himself and the piece itself is also signed on the bottom as shown on the last picture.

I fell in love with this piece due to the quality of the very realistic looking Apple in combination with the great/fun artistic touch given to the whole piece by the tongue going through it guided by a lot of slime. It´s really a healthy Dunny drooling over an apple ;) So for those healthy Dunny collectors out there this might be a nice piece to own or to add to your ¨fruit basket¨ which might also be a good excuse to display a Dunny in another way or outside of the ¨restricted¨ toy room :)

It was purchased directly the moment the pieces of the group show became available for sale in 2012 for the original listing price of $200 excl. shipping.

Open to discuss offers although I´d prefer to stick close to the original price I paid for it simply because its a unique creation. Please have a good look at all the pictures provided and in case there are further questions feel free to ask.


Who´ll give this Drooling Dunny (Applicious) a new home!?


JLed collector since 2012

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