Dunnys for Sale Super7 DCON Stuff Too

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Dunnys for Sale Super7 DCON Stuff Too

Post by cavemanmac » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:54 am


HiCalorie Chase AP from Ye Olde English $30
Huck Gee Green and Yellow Zombies from 2011 Series $45
Huck Gee Mohawk from Apocalypse Series $5
Huck Gee Copter Boy 3/32 from Post Apocalypse Series $5

All come with boxes and accessories, most have foils/cards/stickers etc

Super7 DCON 2017

Painted Silver Bat Boy $70
Painted Marbled Honoo $35
Clear Bright Green Fungus Wolf $75

Shipping not included, PayPal only, buy all the Huck dunnys and I'll toss in shipping
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