Custom Dunnys Woes, Rsin, JPK, Dex, many more

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Custom Dunnys Woes, Rsin, JPK, Dex, many more

Post by Callahan86 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:48 pm

Round 2: I have a lot of customs, but all I plan on selling for now is in this post. I've added some new Dunnys and lowered the prices a little for some that didn't sell last week. Price includes shipping in the continental U.S. and if you're located overseas, $15 shipping will need to be added. Please make offers if you are looking to buy multiple items. The condition should be flawless unless otherwise stated next to the item's price. I do take trades, especially from the Hencho en Mexico DMX series's.
First picture: Top row first, left to right
Haus of Boz volcano: $65
Dex Black frost bat: $45
Matucha DMX3 (chase): $175
Jump Jumper Ant cracked mask: $110
Jump Jumper Ant crimson peak ghost: $110
Rsin slug clown: $115

Second picture:
Jpk Ho Chi Minh: $100
Jpk Alfred Hitchcock: $130
Squink dreamer: $80
Haus of boz ballerina: $75
Nugglife walter bb: $115
Nugglife jesse bb: $115
Nugglife Heisenberg bb: $30
Jim Mahfood: $110
Woes Martin: $190
Rsin agent k green: $110
Rsin agent k blue: $80 (scratch on under back side of head)
Rsin pink/gold w rose: payment pending
Rsin blue misfit: $65
Drunk Roach necrodunnycon: $115
Tru Slithers drilone plane: $40
Tru Slithers face monster: $40
Tru Slithers blue: $55
Tru Slithers purple: $55
Alarment blue: $50
Alarment gold: $50
Midnight Society alf: $50

Third picture:
Woes Martin 6 inch tricky: sold
Jpk 7 inch g.i.d. munny: $400
Kevin Gosselin 7 inch munny: $400

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Re: Custom Dunnys Woes, Rsin, JPK, Dex, many more

Post by lamuna » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:58 am

Link doesnt work
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Re: Custom Dunnys Woes, Rsin, JPK, Dex, many more

Post by zonrboy » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:28 pm

Received figure tyvm bro!!
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Re: Custom Dunnys Woes, Rsin, JPK, Dex, many more

Post by ncabiles » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:33 pm

Can I see a picture of your woes Martin piece in the second picture. I can’t see any of them

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