Kidrobot Mascot liquidation sale

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Kidrobot Mascot liquidation sale

Post by Nicknards » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:07 pm

Hi there folks, I've been collecting the Kidrobot Mascots for a little over 10 years now. While I do love them, they take up like a good 70% of my collection and I would like to focus more on collecting something else. All figures include their boxes and accessories unless otherwise stated.

Kidrobot 01 Signed by Tristan Eaton 120 shipped
Kidrobot 02 100 shipped
Kidrobot 03 110 shipped
Kidrobot 04 (minor face scuffs but great condition) 120 shipped
Kidrobot 06 Black (has red's box for some reason) 120 shipped
Kidrobot 6.5 80 shipped
Kidrobot 07 Signed by Tristan Eaton 100 shipped
Kidrobot 08 (blue) 85 shipped
Kidrobot 09 candle (milk) 80 shipped
Kidrobot 10 (Good) 90 shipped
Kidrobot 10 (Ugly) 90 shipped
Kidrobot 12 Signed by Sket One 120 shipped
Kidrobot 13 Signed by Sket One 60 shipped
Kidrobot 14 (Gray) 100 shipped
Kidrobot 15 80 shipped
Kidrobot 16 (1980, 1984, 1977 and UK) 250 shipped
Kidrobot 17 (Green) Signed 85 Shipped
Kidrobot 18 85 shipped
Kidrobot 19 85 shipped

Best of the best Boardies! DreVanFuzen, Meanmrt, Mongo Lloyd, Vapdee, TO_designs, Captain Hindsight, MattPower, Dexdesigns and mikashroom!
What I be wanting:

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