UNKL custom Filth Station Wagon

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UNKL custom Filth Station Wagon

Post by rustedhalo » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:11 am

I just noticed this up for sale on eBay and found some pics over on VP as well. I really thought the idea of a DIY station wagon(in 2 colorways no less) was lame but I would love to have this in my collection. Also the Andrew Bell one was sweet too.


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Post by Retro603 » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:52 am

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Post by Kingly Decay » Sat May 02, 2009 3:17 am

Hmmmm......I don't know.......It's cool and all but I wouldn't add it to my UNKL collection just because it has a couple of HazmaPos decals on it. You could do that with just about anyting.....doesn't make it UNKL worthy though, ya know?


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