Candice Tripp SALLY free at SDCC

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Candice Tripp SALLY free at SDCC

Post by halfapparition » Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:46 pm

Artist Candice Tripp will be leaving this Sally around SDCC. Finders Keepers. You find it, you keep it and rejoice.
These guys are highly sought after and amazing in person. Amazing find if you happen upon it. I am sure her social media will have tons of hints.
find it at SDCC and you keep it. follow her on twitter, IG, and FB for more hints ... 1356422013

these ladies are about a grand in US$

from SKET
"total disgrace, alot of artists have been screwed by mindstyle, this is a claim that can be backed up BIGTIME!. In fact we could write a book on it! I don't have a grudge cause my situation has been done n gone, but i know of many other HUNGRY people wanting to produce work who will never see what they so rightly deserve, payment and samples, and whatever mindstyle decides to do with your will have no say or control"

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