Sunglasses, Nike SBs, Sonbol Watch for sale

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Sunglasses, Nike SBs, Sonbol Watch for sale

Post by chaps0691 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:21 pm

hello all
Not sure if anyone is interested but I've got several accessory items I'd love to sell
First off, have 5 or so pairs of Oakley frogskins
$90 shipped for matt orange w/ fire iridium lenses
white w/ fire iridium lenses
clear w purple lenses
lime green w/ black lenses
$200 shipped (what I paid)
Old Glory edition frogskins- These were special editions for the London Olympic games, have the American flag case. Search for these on google, they're seriously awesome and I got them at the oakley store in LA
$150 shipped
Ray Ban Aviators (polarized)
$100 shipped
Size 13, worn 10-15 times, Nike SB Piet Mondrian
$150 shipped
Size 13, worn 4-5 times, Nike SB Oompa Loompa
$200 shipped
Size 13, worn 4-5 times, Nike SB Skate or Die
Not sure if I have the specific boxes these came in but have enough SB boxes for all of them
Lastly $125 Orange Sonbol Watch ( it's a huge watch so be warned but also very nice

If you think my prices are off or want to trade (mascots) just message me with any questions and I can take pictures, just not at all sure how to upload them to here

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