My KR Threadless Submission

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My KR Threadless Submission

Post by Tanuki » Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:33 pm

Here is the design I created for the KR Threadless contest:


If you guys are on the threadless site or want to join it and vote, please vote for mine. Post links to your designs too if you made one. I will give you a 5 as well. Thanks.

Here is a link to vote for mine:

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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by funnymunny » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:22 pm

me likey
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Adhori Yaadin
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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by Adhori Yaadin » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:45 am

Can i purchase this wonder full tshart .. same this design but i need different colour

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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by Kidrobot Guru » Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:26 pm

Very nice!

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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by FUREEK » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:17 am

Diggin it!

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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by acubed82 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:40 pm

Very nice!

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Re: My KR Threadless Submission

Post by offkey » Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:42 am


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