Looking to trade some Art of War Dunnys.

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Looking to trade some Art of War Dunnys.

Post by JesseJess666 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:33 pm

I have a couple of Dunnys by Shok-1, and one by I Love Dust, that I could not customize just because they're some of the ones i think are a little harder to get a hold of. I wanna complete the set, and need the Devious Art of War funny, and the, Sergio Mancini. However, I am open to other things that might appeal to me.

All of them come with their accessories.
I Love Dust: Helmet and Mouth Bandana accesory
still have the box and foil and card as well.

Shok-1: 2-legged sign accesory
still have the box,foil and card as well.

I also happen to have one of the clear knights from the Art of War set, if anyone is interested let me know.
It won't let me post pictures at the moment but i can show proof in other ways.

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