Looking to trade some odds and ends

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Looking to trade some odds and ends

Post by R2D2-420 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:17 am

Deadly Sins Labbits(box, foil, and card included)
Blue ver Dejection

Eric So 7"Bruce Lee figures(game of death and Chinese connection)

2' Plush Kozik Snorker RedRum ed.

TV Heads Artist series Tim Tsui

Signed Brandt Peters Sevomatics Two Headed Bot

Ledbetter Sno Fu Bunny

Evil Skaters Touma(3figures)

Andrew Bell DIY OhNo Sushi

Tokyo Vinyl Godzilla and Power Ranger(red and blue ranger)

Vivesect Nathan Jerivicious and Luke Cheuh(no box)

Japanese Popys(Mazinger, Ultraman, Gatchaman, Gundam)

Looking for Kozik, MAD, Andrew Bell, Huck Gee, and just other random vinyls. Message me an email address for pics.

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Re: Looking to trade some odds and ends

Post by TO_designs » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:14 pm

post this in the 'Looking to Buy' section of the forums ....this section is for trades and sales that are MUNNY related ....if you are looking to trade non munny related stuff for other non munny related stuff you will have better luck in the other section

good luck!
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