New and need attention aka advice.

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New and need attention aka advice.

Post by Dfedxb » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:49 pm

Had a few questions for everyone. I'm looking to attempt my first munny but was wondering if anyone has tried fixit sculpt? I see alot of people using super sculpy, but I don't have access to any form of oven. So I was hoping some one could give me some insight.

Also I was wondering what should I get as a few starter tools for sculpting? I've never sculpted before so I'm not sure what I should start with or what they are called. I know this can be alot of preference involved but would like to here about specific tools including the name of said tool.

Normally I would run down to the local art/craft store and get stuff to experiment with, but unfortunately I'm deployed and its a little harder to figure this stuff out over here. And since I have to order everything and wait for it to get mailed out here I want to nail down a good kit so i won't get stuck ordering stuff halfway through the project.

I think I'll be ok on paint and prep as I have been painting with acrylics on canvas and random objects for a while.

Thank you in advance!
And anything you can add to this would be great!


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Re: New and need attention aka advice.

Post by Nikejerk » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:14 am

The problem with material that you don't need an oven for is that the sculpting time is finite. You will mix 2 parts together and then you have a certain amount of time before it hardens. Magic Sculpt is a good one that a lot of people use. I know for a fact that Smooth On makes a similar product called Free Form Epoxy Putty but I have never used it. Hope you find something that works.
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Re: New and need attention aka advice.

Post by TheKIA » Mon May 08, 2017 7:02 am

If you aren't sculpting really thick amounts of clay, a heat gun or hair dryer will harden super scullery! All the clays that harden within 24 hours, while they do work, I've noticed become sponges when they dry. Meaning if someone picks it up with a hard fingernail pressed on it will leave a dent.

A set of x-across knives is always crucial and great to have one hand. Tool wise I'd go with any basic set of tools you can buy in a 5 or ten packs. The ones I always end up going back to are my basic ball ended metal tools. Just a little tool with different sized metal balls on the end for blending in places your fingers won't fit.

There's my two cents for whatever it's worth. Don't know if I'm too late or not! Have fun!!! They are great stress relievers! Sit, sculpt and clear your mind. Thank you for your service my friend.

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Re: New and need attention aka advice.

Post by 404error » Tue May 30, 2017 8:41 am

I have seen some people talk about boiling sculpy rather than baking. Worth a google search to see what the pros/cons are. I have never tried it but would recommend a cheap pot you never plan to eat from if you do.

As far as tools go, I picked up a cheap set from Harbor Freight. They aren't perfect but will do the job. ... 34152.html

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