Looking for a Green Space Monkey

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Looking for a Green Space Monkey

Post by ejholmes30 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:38 pm

I know there is a LTB thread, but I thought I would try the artist section first. I am aggressively hunting a brand new in the box Green Space Monkey. Ive got cash and tons of stuff to trade. I need some help.

looking for:
Rebel Inks
Kaws companion 5yl ANY colorway, Chum (white), Kun (black), both wooden BB
Coarsetoys: Chopper

Excellent boardies/transactions: tvdang (x3), AW177, NinjaSkills, Aguaphase, deadlemming, Fielder UK, theliberator, the_Don, Habaes, desized, nimsu, Ash_KBear (x2), histogirl, Chapper, Kaestar, LOWTECH (x2), busizem718 (x2), solostone, natehaze18, amofop, eckotyper, willnyc555 (x3), Zyklonius, yippee, DrftDrgn21 (x2), 1V1ARTIN, roguerebel, gonedaddyfinch, tsoli727 (x2), pandabandit12,

pending transactions:

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