Looking for assorted Dalek stuff...

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Looking for assorted Dalek stuff...

Post by hellscrape » Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:17 pm

ICE-BOT (3 inchers)
sleepy pink one
blue one
chase (blue with skis)

Qee (3 inchers)
Currency Qees
$ Grey

Series 5a Chases

Ox-Op Series 2a
Bambee 2006

Series 5c
Russell Pink 2006
Russell Blue 2006
Russell Grey 2006

any Glow in the Dark Spacebots!!!!

I don't care if they come with the boxes or foil, just as long as they figure itself is in excellent condition. Please send me PMs or reply here, as they are high on my "MUST GET" list. Thanks.

GOOD B/S/T: Nicopanda, Turnone, Chapper, Tnbrother, Nutter, Amethystcape, Turdhole (x2), Mrsmonster, Xmeat11ballX, rustedhalo, 666doll (x2), supershallow, bk_bk, zonrboy, markie_darkie, wingnut80, tvdang, kannaya24 (x2), dro333, nerps, Retro603, kom22, dunnydave, ohiheartyoux, JEEMAC, spungee, dunnyjake, dphear, ROCSone, TO Designs, CurseTheSeen, Saulvation, Teez, invader_chip, shibori, x661x, mooshysushi (x2), jjH8te, patrick40, Naturaljoe, spitfire, DrftDrgn21, nrk3, Bundleofjon, Lazanti, vinyladdict, deathtollzero, Merlin, genejo, RessTroop, Norms, lediscode, giantplasticmonster, Peter_Awesome, Mz59Fifty, rostahmicahdesign, jonnyboi017, locksmith

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