Scarygirl City Folk....

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Scarygirl City Folk....

Post by Chris Are » Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:33 am

I am in need of "The Poet" from the Scarygirl City Folk blind box series...Can anyone help me out?

For Sale/Trade : Many ScaryGirl City Folk Blind Box, Doma "Acid Sweeties", S4 Dunnys & Chumps.

Good transactions with: AustinRobot, bk_bk, cahrowline, NinJaSkills, stilspinin, tehlilone, unkle77, earthglass, fredrickisdead, unmundane, aka-man, The Boy Wunder, biffpow, xfalcon, mzkayDi, TungTLe, catana68, tunneler66, nikeba11a13, the7000club, sinkFLsink, Lil J NYC, Rejectx