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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:05 am
by fugazi_1984
...have you seen the painting on "that auction place"?

I know it's Pete's very early work....but the BIN price is on it's way
to being a Uri Geller valuation!!! the way, do you think Pete/Rob will ever update the Monsterism web
site NEWS section??? Last update = April '06 would be nice if they popped in here every now and again.


Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 8:09 am
by tombie
There was a fantastic one of some Batskull Farmers a couple of weeks ago, starting at £500. I missed what it went for in the end, but it was a way better piece than that one.


Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:31 am
by fugazi_1984
Yup... that "Farmers of Monsterism Island" painting is going to look
pretty good on my wall!


Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:57 am
by throwingthings
i think happy executioner is the only piece of work that i'd spend a stupid amount on. actually if anyone has the jpeg can you please send it to me as i've lost mine from years ago. pete tried to recreate it for me last year, but he couldn't really remember it!

fugazi how much did the farmers go for in the end?

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:59 am
by fugazi_1984

A bargain if you ask me!



Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:44 pm
by pete fowler
hi guys
long time away from here as usual, apologies guys.

Well, vol4 has at last been released, albeit a small advance quantity from playbeast but the rest will be coming through early december for retail and web.
Same goes for Van orlax, he should be landing pretty soon too.

I have some plans for a show in london early next year, I'll keep all posted on that one. Also the first of some cheeky cd mixes from monsterism isle coming out on the down low.
More news soon.

Talking of news, we promise to get our site in order next year. We've unfortunately created a monster (excuse the pun) thats a nightmare to update, probably going to go with something simpler that can be updtaed by Rob or myself.

Got some new mixes on my podcast site, check it out at

hope you all like the new toys, can you spot a musician in amongst them all???


Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:50 pm
by shanners
Congratulations on winning that piece Fugazi, it really is a beauty and most definitely a bargain.

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 10:37 pm
by fugazi_1984
thanks shanners!

...I think I need to slow down a bit now - I don't have much wall space left!


Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:35 pm
by shanners
Tell me about it! I'm nearly out of wall space and I've just bought 8 Ian Stevenson prints, God knows where i can put these!

Great to get some news from Pete, there's loads going on in the World of Monsterism at the moment which is very exciting. The Vol4 figures are definitely my favourite to date, Grylph has to be the musician, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Gruff Rhys.