Looking for Dcon mule

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Looking for Dcon mule

Post by Illusive » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:55 pm

Pm if you can help, I'm just after 1-2 pieces which should be easy to get

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Re: Looking for Dcon mule

Post by 666ways2love » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:11 pm

11/10/2017 - Thanks again to anyone who reached out to pick stuff up for them. Doesn't matter how many years I do this, I am always humbled by your trust. Dcon is in 13 hours. Requests for this year are closed. See some of you this weekend. I should be back for SDCC '18. Watch this space.

This is my 9th DCON so if you're looking for a DCON mule, please read below:

1. Please wait to contact me until you have substantial details about the item i.e. the item itself, booth/vendor selling, So this means, do not contact me with "Can you pick me up anything [KR, Coarse,etc] related?" :axe:

2. I will not enter in lotteries, raffles,etc.

3. All payments: item, mule fee, paypal fees (except shipping costs) must be paid up front no later than 3 days before the con.

4. To filter out some people, will not mule Punk Drunkers, Real Head, Refreshments, Instinct Toys. Might be a few others that I'll know if you mention them.

To contact me: Email me at 666ways2love.mule@gmail.com . Clearly this email is for mule purposes only, so no need to explain that you need DCON muling. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME.. If you PM me here, I will read it, laugh, and delete it without replying.

In the subject of the email put the basic description of item(s) i.e. 'Kozik 10" Labbit' 'Ferg Squadt'
In the body of the message please list all information you have available for the item(s), photos if possible, your KR username, and city/state or Country (if international). Exact address is not needed yet.
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