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Post by yolao » Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:38 am

Clay is 100% an awsome dude!!
thanks to him i got one of Luke best pieces ever!!!! send it to italy and we worked all out together with email and calls!

check his flickr, amazing stuff!!

on a side note, Clay where the heck have u been !!!! :partyman:

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Post by svenman » Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:30 am

another vouch, and another bump!

clay is good peoples, and his schwag contains top notch items.
art collectors like this should be welcomed here....

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Post by coasterbear » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:04 am

themegacephalic wrote:I support Uber here.
<stuff deleted, go back if you want to read it>

I don't think anyone really has an issue with what uber wrote, other than that it could have been written in a more welcoming way. The main point is to be kind to new posters (except the ones that are obviously clueless), they're the future of the board.

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Post by Rareusgold » Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:22 pm

themegacephalic wrote:I support Uber here.

I don't know a thing about Social. What I do know is he makes a very vague sales thread on a message board he doesn't spend much time on. In fact it's his first post here. He doesn't know how things work around here so he gets a gruff reception that actually does have some good advice. Get a few posts, figure out how thing are done around here, and in a sales thread, we on the KR board, prefer pictures.

Turns out Social has had some really great dealing with some long time board members who, did what I would do, defended their friend. Some of them weren't even sure if they were defending the person they thought they were. So uber please forgive people who were defending their own.

What I cannot condone is some newer members with low post counts taking advantage of the situation to attack a long standing board member. The boards can be a hostile place, but attacking a long standing member when you are new does not help, and it doesn't do anything to make this a better place. The only defense the people who trade and sell on this board have is to call out people who are acting shady.
People waited way too long to call out qwertyuiop, and he burned quiet a few members.
So if we are a little jumpy then shrug it off, it's the way it is around here, but it would help all around if everyone thought a little before launching a personal attack. The members who actually contribute and visit this board have come up with a way to transact business weather they know it or not, and collectively we police it as best we can. It's not perfect, but I appreciate that like members like Uber try.

Social Casualty- especially because you are a new member here, please post some pictures of the items you have for sale. It is really appreciated if you put an asking price with it. Usually we post prices with some kind of shipping included. It's not mandatory, some just ask for offers, or don't add shipping. I assume that you are attempting to reach new buyers who will appreciate the items you have to sell. I also assume you won't mind that over time we have a found a way of conducting business here, and would appreciate it if everyone made the effort to make this a good place to buy- sell - trade with others who share the same passion.

I do not know if your comment about low post count is directed toward me. I only post when it is important. I do not like to see someone that is tring to join this site as an automatic criminal. I also do not post HUNDREDES of BUMP threads to raise my post counts. Again. You only have 200 posts. That would be considered very low to some of these long timers on here. Just use common sence when making a deal. I can tell you that I never herd of "Social" before, but I would be willing to send him any amount of money. SO, Stop being critical and mind your own business. YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT TO PROTECT ME FROM SCAMMERS. If you have suspicions about someone. PM them. Then when you have a reasonable idea that the person is a scammer then say something.