Uglydoll Post Cards and Address Book

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Uglydoll Post Cards and Address Book

Post by Sidd » Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:27 am

Uglydoll Postcards and Address Book came today. Oh, they are wonderful.

Let's start with the postcards. Smooth, shiney, yet not too glossy, with perfect colors that match our real life Uglydolls. I especially like the card with all the Uglydolls heads poking up through holes. (except Toodee) The card must have been made afer Toodee's retirement, cos no Toodee. No prob. Such a wonderful card.
Then there are the photo postcards. Great shots! Wage in the photocopier! So cute. Anyone know who took the photos?

The cards are SO nice, I will have to put these into my collection and buy new sets to send and use. I should have know that and gotten more to start with. LOL

Then there's the address book. Fuzzy, plush cover with cool green background and the amazing Wage on front. What could be better? I'm so happy!

Does anyone else have Uglydoll cards, art, or other paper items they like a lot?

Anyway, wanted to share the joy.
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