Ideas and Recommendations for the new creative chief

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Canary Wolf
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Ideas and Recommendations for the new creative chief

Post by Canary Wolf » Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:23 am

#1 - do an entire production Dunny series based on user/artist - Blubbel's work - if KR has Star Wars license via NECA then I would say do blubbel's star wars (if he is interested)

#2 - greatest hits / anniversary series dunny - have people vote for the 20 best production dunny of all time and reissue maybe with new chase.

#3 Squink, Leecifer, Wuzone, Infinite Rabbits,TO Designs, DaveMark, NervisWr3ck, Frank Montano,MrtheSanders, UncleStudio, Nameless, and Gomi should be in the discussion for artist contributions on Dunny, Munny, Labbit lines

#4 A toy totem series based on Nightmare Before Xmas with contributing artists, Reactor 88 or WuzOne

#5 Mike Die does the best batman designs - make him chief batman artist contributor

#6 Run your own kickstarter program on KR and let the base help decide on new productions

#7 KR needs to have booth at the Cons. (at least 2 of them)

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