Cleaning after sculpy?

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Cleaning after sculpy?

Post by pansybuddy » Wed Jul 30, 2008 7:15 pm

So I have just finished baking my munny after using sculpy and think i overdid it a bit..some bits have cracks off which is annoyig but oh learn by your mistakes. I've managed to fix it, but now I'm wondering how should i clean my munny before priming? After sanding down/scratching into the now cooked sculpy there are small griany bits al over..should i wash my munny to get rid of these? I want a smooth finish after all and am a little worried. Also, on the face there are raised bits here and there from the sculpy i need to get rid off..should i just sand these down? What grain sand paper should I use?

It'll be great if someone could help me out..rather confused at the moment. xD


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Post by Justifun » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:22 am

just like in wood working, after sanding the munny or sculpy, a great way to remove the left over dust etc, is you can compress air spray it to get most of it off, then go over it with what's called a "tack cloth" Its a sticky to the touch cloth you can buy at lowes or home depot in the wood department. Its designed to pick up all of the dust left over from sanding. A bag of 4 costs about $1