Questions about spray paint, primer, masking and sculpting

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Questions about spray paint, primer, masking and sculpting

Post by jastone » Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:55 am

Hey there forum,

I'm relatively new to sculpting and customizing toys. I came into contact with Munnys this year while we (my wife and me) were looking for cake toppers for our wedding. We didn't like the ones we found so we thought we're going to make them on our own. So we bought the 4" Munnys from one of the two stores in Germany and went for it.
We did the sculpting with FIMO and the painting brushes and acrylic paint. The results were OK and I really fell in love with working with Munnys.

Right now I'm working on a Munny for my best mans birthday. I'm almost done with sculpting it and I'm thinking about using spray paint instead of acrylics and brushes to get a smoother finish. I thought about getting Montana Golds from an art supply close to my house since I read mostly good things about them. Airbrush equipment would be too expensive just for a start and I'm familiar with spray paint. I'd also get some Tamiya tape for masking.

Now the big questions: (I hope there are some Germans on board)
Can anyone tell me how good Montana Golds are on FIMO? The surface to paint is mostly FIMO and some parts the Munnys vinyl. Does Tamiya tape go well with Montana Golds? How good does the Tamiya cover and how does it behave with round edges, bleeding and stripping the tape off of already painted surfaces? What kind of primer should I use on FIMO and vinyl for the Montanas? How about liquid masking for some areas? Any good brands I could possibly get in Germany? And is there any kind of spray finish that doesn't go well with Montana paint?

Big text, lots of questions... If you made it through till here I'd much appreciate your answers. I really hope somebody can help me out a little with my questions. :prayer: