Some tips on spray paint/stencils/masking

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Some tips on spray paint/stencils/masking

Post by arcanewun » Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:32 am

Ok so two days ago I was getting my hair cut in my friend's salon and his girlfriend comes in with what else? A Mini Munny.

I snatched it from my friend with lightning fingers, looked it over and said "You have to let me take this home and paint it for you".

Skip two days and here I am, crawling like a fiend, deeply through the world of Munny.

I've grabbed 5 regular Munnys, 2 mini Munnys and 1 GID.

Im a graphic designer/artist and I want to stay close to my roots and stick with very specific, hard lines, precise typography etc. so the obvious medium for me right now is spray paint with masking and stencils.

I've worked with stencils on projects before but that doesnt make me any less of a noob so here it goes...

1) does anyone have any tips on what to make the stencil on? paper doesnt seem to be flexable enough, masking tape seems to be too harsh when pulled off (see question 2) etc etc etc... the (b) part to the question is, does anyone know a good printed stencil ON to a material that would be a good stencil to use on Munny?

2) Masking tape is pulling off my bottom layer... what can I do to prevent this?

3) the spray paint Im using is Montana, NY fat cap. The paint really seems to be... how can I explain this... droplettey? if I try to do it in thin coats and way to drippy when I try to do it in one thick coat. Should I just use a default, Krylon cap? Or is it maybe that Im not priming it?

Any answers/extra help from people who use Spray paint/ stencils/ printing alot in their customizing process would be amazing!

Thanks guys!


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Re: Some tips on spray paint/stencils/masking

Post by GFD18 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:10 pm

arcanewun wrote:2) Masking tape is pulling off my bottom layer... what can I do to prevent this?

I had that problem while masking off a previous custom I did. People suggested to let the paint fully dry (24 hours) before putting the tape on.

Are you priming the Munnys? People say it gives better paint adhesion. I would prime everything besides the GID. (People also recommend washing the vinyl before priming painting it. It gets rid of a residue left behind from the factory.)
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Post by DMS » Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:50 pm


I use spray paint and then inkjet waterslides over that. If you are from a computer based background, inkjet waterslides are great.

Then i just clear coat my waterslides, add them to my figure and clearcoat the whole thing again.